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Innovative Wearable Technology for Athletes.


We present coaches with a comprehensive stack of biometrics to empower real-time decision-making

Strive’s data analysis platform provides a meaningful, tactile, and user-friendly data exploration experience


With both IMU and EMG capabilities, the Sense3 is able to go beyond measuring only External Load. Sense3 empowers you to compare body input to body output for a session, while also providing insights on muscle activity including force, symmetry, and fatigue. Sense3 measures more, which empowers you to make more informed decisions based on a complete data stack of analytics specific to your athletes.


“My overall experience with strive has been great! I have now used strive at two different universities (University of Tennessee and Auburn University) and the data has been extremely insightful in managing day-to-day practice load, prescribing return-to-play protocols, and giving insight on designing off-season programs for athletes while training at home during the current COVID-19 pandemic.”

- Lee Taylor, NCAA Strength and Conditioning Coach

Auburn University, University of Tennessee

“Strive has been an absolute game changer! With the data we collect from the system we are able to make educated decisions that benefit our athletes and training on a daily basis.”

- Logan Ogden, Director of Olympic Sports Strength and Conditioning

Utah State University Athletics

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