There are an average of 176 hamstring injuries each season in the NFL. Once a player sustains an injury, they are more prone to re injuring the same muscle. Players with hamstring injuries miss an average of 13 days depending on the severity.

While practicing return-to-play protocol for hamstring injuries, one NFL team used STRIVE. Taking into account body composition, position, left vs. right dominance and previous injuries, STRIVE discovered how certain exercises affect specific muscle groups differently on individual players.


With this finding, the team worked collaboratively with strength coaches, athletic trainers and physical therapists to ensure they were prescribing the right treatments and workouts for individual athletes. The ability to monitor the real-time muscle activity allowed coaches to verify the athletes were working the right muscle groups and not compensating with others.

This, combined with the ability to monitor the athletes for muscle symmetry across both workouts and practice, provided insights to ensure the player returned to 100% before practicing or playing.


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STRIVE is a valuable tool in detecting recovery stages of hamstring injuries.

STRIVE is a valuable tool in identifying recovery stages of a pulled muscle. By bringing the athlete’s hamstrings back to 70% of capable activity, the player was ready to resume regular exercises at a controlled base. This was critical for the team to ensure that both force and contractions were at normal levels before the player resumed daily loads. This resulted in a step-by-step increase in activity, resulting in safe and effective return to play.