How can coaches structure their weekly practices to better prepare for a game? One team wanted to replicate drills that produced similar game-time intensity that would allow them to structure their practices to optimize performance.

With the help of STRIVE, they collected millions of data points across jumps, distance and accelerations to see what insights they could capture before games.


By analyzing the practices and non-conference games at the start of the season, the team identified how the opponent’s style of play impacted their player’s metrics. Using this information, the team made adjustments to their weekly practice schedule in an effort to get the same results in practice as on game day.

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Not all practices or games are created equal. Understanding the details of your practices and games, and how those nuances can impact each of your players, empowers coaches to make their decisions based on data. In this case, the coaches reduced the intensity of one practice session to ensure their team had energy to finish strong on game day.