Tracking metrics like speed, distance and accelerations can reveal patterns in practices and games that allow coaching staff to make adjustments.

In addition to those metrics, one team wanted to understand the amount of effort players exerted throughout a week leading up to a game. The team employed STRIVE to track both the external metrics as well as the muscle EMG activity.


STRIVE worked with the team to analyze the results and found an interesting early correlation: The overall fatigue of the team, which compared how hard the muscles worked to produce the accelerations, directly correlated with the how well the team performed in the game. Essentially, the team performed below their potential when the players approached fatigue the week leading up to a game.


Regression Statistics

Multiple R  0.89

R Square  0.79

Adjusted R Square 0.71


This early insight provided an optimal range of how hard the team should work their players leading up to the game. Teams can use this data to understand when players are approaching fatigue and which drills are having a positive impact on performance.

*The sample size was limited to a single season, adding more samples to the analysis would help understand the correlation in more detail.